Tuesday, April 7, 2009

My First Day!

Okay, so I'm feeling the full mommy vibe now, so I'm going to try to do this blog thing. Hopefully it doesn't take too much of my time. I really want someway to easily document my family's life and have a way for friends and family far away to keep up with us. I also am completely obsessed with reading other mommy blogs and have found a lot of good ideas. Maybe someone will get an idea from this site, even though I really just steal ideas from other people.

So I'm a mommy with 3 kiddos - Fashionista (age 8), Superboy (age 4), and Princess Pout (age 3). I have taught full time for 6 years, but I finally get to stay home with my babies now. I teach 4 year old pre-k three mornings a week, so I'm still out some, but my two older ones are in school and Princess comes with me. My husband is a pastor, so our lives revolve around church and family. It's crazy, but amazing.

I've been thinking lately about how I really need to take advantage of the time I have home with my kids. We're sacrificing a lot for me to be home, so I need to make the most of every mintue. I worked really hard in my classroom and was totally a perfectionist. I am realizing now that's what I need to give my family.

So hope you enjoy! I'm excited to see what the adventure of our life brings! Here are a few things we have been doing lately.

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  1. my first day to read your blog. looking forward to it. I blog too....


    nothing to steal from my site and I myself am a thief. Just wanted a place to keep family members in tune with us and a place to put my pics.