Friday, April 10, 2009

I am trying to start tackling organizational projects at home. I have a closet in our guest room I call my teaching closet. I basically have thrown everything in there for the past four years that I wanted to save, but didn't feel like going through. Now we are going to turn our guest room into a school room, so I thought it would be a good idea to clean it so things didn't fall on my children's heads when they tried to find things. I was amazing at the things I found. There was a key to the school I used to teach at (opps!) and even a whole file bin full of things from when I sold "At Home America" things. That was before we even lived in Oklahoma! Which means I moved all the way across the country with it! I can't wait to organize more things. This is the after picture by the way. I couldn't take a before picture because everything kept falling out when I opened the door.

This is part of our guest room we are turning into a school room. We took our most recent projects from the kitchen and Fashionista hung them up for us in here. I realize how controling I am sometimes. I was planning to take everything from the kitchen and do it all myself. Fashionista really wanted to move everything. I gave it and handed her the tape and let her do it all by herself. She did a great job!

These are some crosses we made today to help remember the real reason behind Easter. They turned out really pretty, but weren't really worth the trouble. Contact paper and 3 year olds don't really go well together. I loved to see how Fashionista took over and really helped her brother and sister. She even cleaned up everything when we were done.

This is a puzzle I borrowed from my school for the kids to play with this weekend. It turned out to be a really good multiage project. The two little ones put the picture part of the puzzle together and Fashionista matched the words to the pictures of Jesus' life. They want to keep it set up all weekend, but I'm not sure how that's going to work.

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