Wednesday, August 19, 2009

My Baby Boy

The other night, I was thinking about my baby boy, Luke. He turned 5 a few weeks ago and it just hit me how quickly he is growing up. I think sometimes I push him too much to grow up. I hear myself say things like, "Come on, you're five now, you should be able to do this yourself." I have to remind myself that even though he is acting so much older, he is still a little boy. I breaks my heart to think in a few years, he will think playing Legos with his mommy is so lame. I want to do everything I can to keep him little. I decided to write a note to help me remember all the ways he is still my baby boy.

1. His feet don't reach the floor at the kitchen table.

2. He still covers his ears in public bathrooms because the toilet is too loud.

3. He still says "pscketti" instead of "spaghetti"

4. He still asks every morning if he needs to change his underwear.

5. He still believes he can be Superman when he grows up.

6. He still comes to sleep with us when it's storming outside.

7. He still thinks driving through a car wash is the coolest thing ever.

8. He still thinks he'll go blind if he doesn't eat his carrots. (Not that he really cares, though!)

9. He pulls out his light saber ready to fight the bad guys if he hears a strange noise in the house.

10. He still wants to marry his mommy and live with us forever.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Making dirt pudding


Sorting letters

This is something new I've been working on with Princess. I have taught her all the letters of her name. I want to make sure she is really secure with these letters before we go on to others. We did a sorting activity in which she did sorted all the letters of her name. I did them in all uppercase this time. I'll start adding lowercase soon. She did awesome and really had fun!

Hot Street Party

The Young Professionals of our town host a couple of street parties downtown every summer. They are a lot of fun for the kids and for parents to hang out. I was talking so much, I only got pics of the horseback riding when we first got there. We really had fun just hanging out and talking while the kids were playing. Our worship leader from our church is in an 80's cover band that played, too.

She just looks so little on that great big horse!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Mommy had some things to get done this morning, so Princess got to play with stickers and watch Little Einsteins in her pjs!

We have been working on the letter C, so we made a caterpillar with her name on it. We worked on matching the letters of her name. I was so proud of her. She loved doing this!

After Princess put her caterpillar together, we decided to paint for a while.

Her finished creation. Of course mommy had to get in on the fun!

Since she had so much fun matching the letters of her name, we made a game she could play all the time. She calls it her "homework".
This is why you never leave a 3 year old alone! We never even buy Mt. Dew. Her older sister won it at a school fun night, so she had to sneak a sip!

What Little (and big) Boys are made of

Daddy found a frog outside last night and of course the first thing Superboy wanted it do was hold it!

Spring Program

Fashionita's school had a Spring Program for the whole school on Tuesday. She is in the light purple right in the middle. She did a great job!!!
They also had an elementary art show. Her's is the 2nd one down with the green frame.

The Letter C

Our C page for our wall. Don't even think about making fun of my crab!

For the Letter C, we sprinkled coca all over the C. Unfortunately, I think Princess got more on her shirt than on the letter.

Her finished product!

We read The Hungry Caterpillar to go along with Letter C. My friend let us borrow this felt set to help retell the story. I let my felt board at school, so we just played on the floor. Princess is shirtless, because it is soaking, trying to get all the coca off!

Thursday, April 30, 2009

School work at home

This is Fashionista working on homework. She looks pretty happy here, but that's because she likes to pose for the camera.

Here is how she really feels about homework. This is one of the many reasons I would like to homeschool. I hate that she is gone all day, then has to come home and do homework for a long time. It drives me crazy!

This is a new math game I got at Mardell's for Superboy. He loves it! We've played it as a whole family, too. There are 4 different ways of playing. We have really enjoyed it. I like it because it doesn't take hours and hours like Candy Land seems to at our house!

We enjoy playing Uno together, too. It helps with number recgonition and reasoning skills. It is also turning Superboy quite evil - you should hear the laugh he gets when he throws out a draw four on me!

Water Day in the Family Room

Our family has been very busy this week, which is one reason I haven't had a chance to post for a whole week! Today is the first day Princess and I will be home ALL DAY!!! This morning I had a lot of catching up to do - cleaning, laundry, all that exciting stuff. I needed Princess to occupy herself while I worked. I remembered seeing a pouring activity on one of the Montessori blogs I follow (sorry, I can't remember which one). I just filled a big container with water and gave her a few utensils thinking maybe she would play for a while. She played all the way until lunch! It was amazing! She loved just pouring things back and forth. She really like the medicine dropper.

Notice her Superman pjs. She has really been into wearing her brother's clothes lately. Even his underwear! She is a mess!

When Superboy got home from Pre-K, I tried the same activity with him. It lasted about 2 minutes.

Everything was still laying out when Princess got up from her nap. She got right back to work.

When big sister got home from school, I left them alone to play. This is what I found when I came back into the room. Leave it to Fashionista to turn a simple activity into a huge production! Every towel stood for something different - home, office, doctor, etc.

Of course, now Superboy had to get back in on the action. They played until supper. Then guess where they went? The bathtub!!! It was raining outside all day and we were wet inside, too!