Thursday, May 7, 2009

Mommy had some things to get done this morning, so Princess got to play with stickers and watch Little Einsteins in her pjs!

We have been working on the letter C, so we made a caterpillar with her name on it. We worked on matching the letters of her name. I was so proud of her. She loved doing this!

After Princess put her caterpillar together, we decided to paint for a while.

Her finished creation. Of course mommy had to get in on the fun!

Since she had so much fun matching the letters of her name, we made a game she could play all the time. She calls it her "homework".
This is why you never leave a 3 year old alone! We never even buy Mt. Dew. Her older sister won it at a school fun night, so she had to sneak a sip!

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  1. great idea to cut up the letters of her name and make a matching/puzzle game out of it!